3monthsRecently, I’ve been to a wedding in Nottingham and spent the weekend there. I met some people I’d been dying to meet… Ken, Tara & Joe; Pam & Ron and I got to spend some time with Julie and her family who looked after me whilst my Mummy and Daddy had some time off. Thank you Julie… I felt really comfortable with you and can’t wait to see you again. I met Carla & Rob who got married and lots of their family and friends too.

I weigh roughly 11lbs 3ozs now, a little light for my age but I am doing just fine, very active and very happy. Somedays I don’t get through all my milk but that’s just because recently I’ve had a little bit of a cold and I lost my appetite.

I still love my sleep and most nights after my Mummy gives me a nice bath, I have my milk and then drop right off to sleep, I can easily sleep a good 8 to 10 hours a night!

I’m getting pretty good at burping and farting now too… hahaha!

Going to see my Grandma on her birthday very soon and I might get to meet two of my cousins too. I’m a very busy little girl at the moment!