Mummy and Daddy can’t believe how fast the time has gone and I am finally starting to outgrow my 0-3 month sized clothes! Mummy is excited about this as I have a whole wardrobe full of new clothes to wear.

Since my last update I have been quite busy. We went to a place called the Isle of Wight last week on a big boat and met some of Daddy’s friends. We spent the day on a beach and a dog kicked sand in my face! I was ok though, Mummy brushed me off and just made sure I had an extra long bath that night.

I met my Great Uncle David and Great Auntie Ann at the weekend, they came to stay with us all the way from a place called Yorkshire and like Mummy’s friend Jenny they speak funny too! Great Uncle David made me laugh lots, he has a very deep voice and I loved Great Auntie Ann’s big comfy chest pillows! We went shopping, went to a museum and had a nice dinner out by the sea under a big white pointy building.

Daddy had his 40th Birthday on Monday but Mummy had to go to work, Daddy was a bit sad as his Auntie and Uncle left that day too so I had to look after him and make sure he had a nice birthday. Daddy thinks he is old now but I hope he has the energy to catch me when I start crawling… speaking of which, I am now rolling fully onto my tummy and holding up my head to look around… I’m trying very hard to move by pulling my legs up but I just seem to fall on my face at the moment… I’ll get there soon I am sure!

I love my new big bed so much that I am now sleeping from around 8pm all the way through without waking up until around 8am, I have so much room I can spread out and sometimes I wake up in a totally different place to where Mummy or Daddy put me down!

Have you found my secret place yet? x