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Almost 1 Year Old!

almost1Hello everyone,

In just over a weeks time I am going to be a whole year old… Can you believe it!?

I now have a grand total of eight teeth and I am getting closer to walking every day. I can walk holding Mummy or Daddy’s hands and sometimes I even stand on my own for a few seconds without holding on to anything.

My Nanna and Grandad came to visit and stay with us last weekend, it was so nice to see them and they even looked after me one night so Mummy and Daddy could go out with their friends.

I am getting bigger now but some of my 6-9 month clothes are still a little bit big on me… Mummy tells me I don’t look big enough to be nearly a 1 year old!

Mummy and Daddy are taking me to the doctors today, I didn’t sleep very well last night and when Daddy came to get me this morning I was covered in a red spotty rash all over my body. Behind my ears it is really itchy! I heard Daddy say something about Chicken Pox and explained what it was but I hope it isn’t because I am supposed to be going to see my family in Gosport next weekend and having my 1st Birthday Party!

Keep your fingers crossed for me and I will update you soon!

There’s even more pictures in my gallery!

Lots of love x

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