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Primarily we would just like to raise awareness in to the early diagnosis of paediatric cancers, especially brain tumours in young children.

Continuing to follow Eleanor’s journey and sharing her message, to get more followers, is a donation in itself. Especially reaching out to the families with young children that may need that little extra prompt to get that niggling doubt seen to by a health professional, sooner, rather than later. It could just save a little one’s life!

However, it has been the request of many that we accept money to help Eleanor, a ‘fighting fund’ if you wish. Something which can be put aside for her future. Many have already contributed, to which we are eternally grateful. This is a way for those of you that know us or those that feel compelled, to help us directly.

Eleanor’s journey will be a very long one and will pose many hurdles, not only emotionally but particularly financially. Your donation will go directly towards helping Eleanor’s successful progress (hospital expenses, new learning tools for the severely visually impaired & put aside for future treatments, be it complimentary or medically required, that are not readily available in the UK).

Please scroll down for the various methods of donating to Eleanor’s fighting fund…

Direct Bank Transfer…

Should you wish to contribute to Eleanor’s ‘fighting fund’ you can easily donate via a bank transfer, please use the Santander account number: 81245661 sort code: 09-01-28 using Eleanor’s name as your reference. If you prefer by cheque, please contact us using the email icon shown at the top of this website.

Donating via current fundraising activities…

Updated November 2018 – There are currently no fund raising activities.



There is a PayPal donation method in Eleanor’s fathers name Tim Stollery.
If you already have a PayPal account the money can be sent free from any of their charges* by logging in to your PayPal account and sending funds from either your Debit Card, PayPal balance or PayPal linked bank account to :


Please add a note with a short message for Eleanor!

If you do not have a PayPal account, you do not need to sign up, the button below will allow you to pay in to Eleanor’s ‘fighting fund’ safely and securely using a Debit or Credit Card (minus PayPal’s fees) :