grandmabirthdayMy Mummy drove me to London to see my Grandma Rosalie on her birthday. I got her a really nice card and some pretty flowers. I was really glad I could spend today with her because she is sometimes not very well and cannot always remember me. I always look at my Grandma longingly because I don’t ever want to forget anything about her, especially as her name is my middle name!

I got to meet my cousins Barnaby and Edgar too, it was a really special day for my Grandma because she got to spend it with all of her grandchildren.

After everyone else had left, my Mummy was playing with me and I let out my first proper full giggles in front of Grandma, Mummy & Daddy. It made Mummy & Daddy cry a little… probably because I am just sooo cute! They caught a little of me on video which is in my gallery, it was taken just after I was really laughing but you’ll get the idea!