busygirlI’ve been so busy recently it’s been hard to catch up with everything. Sorry I’ve been neglecting my website a bit but I promise to keep it up to date a bit more frequently.

I’m growing so fast and I have 5 teeth now. Teething’s not been so bad, I dribble a lot and like chewing anything I can get my hands on, including my hands and fingers, it all helps a bit. I don’t like taking too much medicine and coping with the pain of my new teeth coming through is pretty easy but I do get grumpy on the odd day.

The big news is that I now live in London with Mummy & Daddy. Mummy looks after me in the day, she gave up her job for me, and I get to see Daddy every day too, we are at last a little family, all together under one roof. I can also get to see my Grandma Rosalie more often, when she’s feeling up to it.

I love my new bedroom, Daddy worked really hard to get it ready for me and I sleep really well every night, sometimes for 11-13 hours at a time! I’ve been extra busy exploring the house, the area and meeting up with some friends who’ve either seen very little of me or not met me at all, it’s very exciting.

I’ve finally met my Grandad Ray from Australia who has been to visit recently, along with Nanny Carol. I miss seeing my Nanna Rosie & Grandad Brian regularly but they are not far away and will come to visit me when they can. Mummy will take me to see them too, so it’ll never be too long before I see them.

I’ve had a cough for a little while now, I went to see the doctor about it but he didn’t seem too concerned, it might be to do with my teeth coming through but if I don’t shake it soon I expect Mummy & Daddy will take me to the doctors again.

I’ve put some more pictures in my gallery!