awhileHello everyone, it certainly has been a while since my last blog entry so please read on and I will try and fill you in!

I am now just over 7 months old, can you believe it?

I don’t think Mummy and Daddy can.

In the last few months I have met quite a few new people. I had a long weekend seeing all my friends in Nottingham and attended my first Ice Hockey match. It was really loud and everyone was shouting, singing and jumping up and down, but I loved it, especially when the music came on so I could have a little dance! Luckily I had a little snooze on Daddy in the pub before the match so I was ready for the late night!

I have my first tooth… bottom front… it hurt a bit when it came through but I was brave and I know I have more to come so I had better get used to it… I just hope they will not be as big as Mummy and Daddy’s just yet!

The last few weeks have been really really busy, Mummy and Daddy have moved out of our house and into Nanna and Grandad’s house for a while, until Mummy and I move up to London at the end of the year so we can all finally be together like a proper family. Watching Mummy and Daddy pack up and move house looked like hard work, luckily I am too small to carry boxes so I stayed and played with my Nanna instead!

Just in the last week I have mastered sitting up on my own and also crawling! I find sitting up a bit of a task though, if I lose concentration or try to look up I sometimes fall back, luckily someone is always on hand to catch me or I am surrounded by big pillows so I don’t get hurt!

Crawling hurts my knees after a while and I can’t hold myself up on my hands for too long but it is all very exciting, if I want something I can get to it now!

Good luck Mummy and Daddy!