moreneedlesI had my last lot of baby jabs this week… I wish these nasty ladies would stop sticking needles in me, this time I had to have 3 injections!

Mummy and Daddy have explained why they are important and also that I don’t have to have any more for a while now… thank goodness, I was starting to feel like a pin cushion!

I didn’t feel very well afterwards I cried a lot and it made me really tired. I had a long sleep in the afternoon on my Nanna’s sofa, but I woke up a lot in the night and felt really poorly, Mummy came in and gave me cuddles until I went back to sleep, I hope she wasn’t too tired at work the next day.

Nanna took me to Mummy’s office this week as well and I got to see my lovely Auntie Lisa and got loads of cuddles and kisses. I also met Mummy’s friend Jenny, I got more kisses and cuddles from her… she was lovely too, but she speaks funny, Mummy said she is a ‘Scouser’ but I don’t know what that means.

We are going to London this weekend and I am going to have the weekend with just my Daddy so Mummy can go and see Auntie Kirsty and Uncle Dave and go to a party, I can’t wait to spend time with my Daddy just the two of us, we have so much fun together, he speaks to me in funny voices and makes me laugh!

We are off on a little day trip to the Isle of Wight on Monday to see some of Daddy’s friends, so I will add some pictures and a new blog next week. x