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Thank you – Eleanor’s Garden

Long before Eleanor was born, not long after Tim bought the house we all live in now, he got very poorly and spent a lot of time in hospital which meant he couldn’t work to pay the bills. This meant he had to use the money he’d saved up to renovate the house, to pay those bills, and therefore couldn’t finish all the nice things he had planned for our house.

Our garden remained a messy and unsafe place for Eleanor so she never really went out there much.

Since Eleanor’s diagnosis some very kind friends and colleagues of Tim’s wanted to help and wanted to give Eleanor a safe place to play in, especially when the sun is out!


This is how Eleanor would remember the garden when she could see…




and this is our garden now…





An amazing transformation, don’t you think?

It’s all on one level for Eleanor and the contrast in surfaces helps her to get around independently.

This is all thanks to Derek & Nick’s meticulous planning, extremely hard work and financial input.
Also Dave’s generosity in buying a lovely big trampoline for Eleanor.

Not forgetting the trades that contributed materials and often additional labour at little or no cost to make it happen.

We are over the moon with it, we all come out and spend much more time in the garden, when the sun is shining and even when it isn’t! Even our nice neighbours come over and our lives are much happier now that we have this new space.

Eleanor often helps Daddy mow the lawn too, it’s all so much fun! There’s only a few final touches needed now.

It is difficult to say THANKS to so many people for such a wonderful gesture,
perhaps these few photos will show you just how grateful and happy we are…




Since Eleanor’s Great, Auntie Ann & Uncle David came to visit, there’s even a poem with a little about Eleanor and our garden!

My eyes are blue, my hair is fair and my name is Eleanor
I have a tumour in my head, which makes my eyesight poor
My Mum is Kelly my Dad is Tim and they love me very much
Always there, they always care and they have a healing touch
Great Uncle David came to visit and made me laugh with rhymes
Great Aunty Ann she also came and we cuddled lots of times
We went out and had some lovely meals, it was very, very jolly
My temperature rose so home I went, my prize an ice cool lolly
I have medical treatment every week and sometimes it makes me cry
Do you think it’s just the needles or is something in my eye?
I love the nurses, so very kind and they help to ease the pain
They talk so nice, are very calm and treat it like a game
There are many people behind the scenes, supporting my effort to win
I sometimes don’t know who they are, but I love them just like kin
Nick and Derek have created a garden, a safe place for me to play
I have no fear, it is smooth and clear and I can trampoline all day
To help me fight this nasty tumour I have doctors and nurses I trust
They treat me like a special person, their dealings fair and just
Many other people are helped by them and they help us stay alive
They dedicate their lives to us, that’s why so many survive
I am just an ordinary happy girl, with a nasty lump called tumour
It is with me on a daily basis and this is fact and not a rumour
Don’t weep for me, just give me confidence, I want to laugh some more
They say that I am very brave, but really my name is Eleanor
written by David Stollery 2015