theanimalsThis past weekend I’ve had a lovely visit from Ken, Tara & Joe. We went to the beach, the zoo and on a short ferry journey to Portsmouth, I’ve had so much fun but I’ve been a little grumpy of late, I think my bones are aching because I am getting bigger.

My Daddy said I’m getting too heavy to carry like a little baby but I think he’s just going to have to put up with it because I like being carried about!

I’m getting weighed again this Thursday, I expect I’ll be nearly 12lb’s now but we’ll see if I hit that on Thursday. I’m well over my snuffles and sleeping all night through again.

I’ve got a new seat on my pram now, I sit up really high and can see everything around me, it’s really cool! My car seat is a lot more comfortable now too because my Daddy adjusted it so I have more room.