needleI went to the Doctors yesterday for my second lot of immunisation injections. I went with Mummy and Daddy, but my Mummy could not watch as she said it hurts her more than it hurts me!

My Daddy asked the nurse to kindly write down the batch numbers of the needles and the nurse was really horrible and defensive towards him. He spoke to her in a tone of voice I hadn’t heard before and she soon wrote them down then.

When she came at me with the needle I didn’t quite know what to expect because she looked really mean… it really hurt me and I cried a lot. Daddy held on tight to me and I soon felt better, but for the rest of that day I didn’t feel myself and both my legs hurt on each side where the horrible nurse had stuck the needles in. She stuck them in so far I honestly thought it had touched my bone!

Today I had a little accident in my nappy, I wasn’t scared and I didn’t cry but I’m sure it shouldn’t be all runny like that, probably something to do with my injections yesterday. Anyway I think I’m over the worst now… apparently I have to go back again soon, I’m getting pretty fed up of having these injections.

I really hope I don’t have to see that nurse again.