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A message from Eleanor’s Daddy…

I’ve been trying to put in to words how overwhelmed my fiancée Kelly & I have been by all the kind messages of support received and continue to receive as people are finding out this awful news. We are so grateful for all the presents, cards, texts, emails & messages on social media – it makes such a difference knowing we are at least in your thoughts and whatever your beliefs, perhaps prayers too.
As most of you know our precious little daughter Eleanor, who is -at the time of writing this- 4 years old, has been diagnosed with a probable Hypothalamic Low Grade Glioma brain tumour (Pilocytic astrocytoma) which -if there are no further complications- will most likely lead to her being treated for a long time to come, using chemotherapy now and when she gets a little older, radio or proton beam therapy.
For now and on the outside she remains a bright, happy and positive little girl who knows she’s a little poorly. Her eyesight has suffered tremendously and she is now registered severely sight impaired (blind). Other than that you wouldn’t know anything is wrong, however, as the chemotherapy takes its toll over the coming weeks and months, this may well change.
Words alone cannot express how utterly devastated Kelly, close family & I am. Personally how unlucky this makes me feel with my own battles with Cancer & my mother’s Parkinson’s disease – whom I cared for, for approximately 19 years until her sudden death in 2012. The knock on financial ramifications are unmentionable and we are attempting to carry on as normally as we can.
We are trying our best to raise awareness so other parents do not get the run around if they are concerned about their child’s health. We acted fairly quickly but could have so easily left this longer as the symptoms were not that immediately apparent. In order to raise as much awareness as possible, please can you follow and promote Eleanor’s Twitter profile (@erstollery) as her story gains momentum… twitter.com/erstollery which is duplicated on Facebook fb.me/eleanorsvoice and Instagram www.instagram.com/erstollery
It has been the request of many that we accept money to help with our expenses, a ‘fighting fund’ if you wish, as it is also a possibility that Eleanor may need treatments abroad in the future. Many have already contributed, to which we are eternally grateful. This is perhaps another way for those of you that know us or those that feel compelled, to help us directly.
Please click HERE to donate.
Whatever happens and whatever the outcome we will always try our utmost to raise awareness and make sure other children are diagnosed and begin their treatments a lot earlier, hopefully limiting any debilitating symptoms. Understandably, each case is unique and each child will react to treatments differently.
At the very least please don’t let Eleanor’s story become yesterday’s news, keep her in your thoughts and maybe one day you’ll be able to help someone else facing the same or a similar dilemma, remembering and referring to her story.
Thank you.