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Testimonials that speak for themselves…

“We are a professional couple and have been using various Apple products for the past 5 years (currently 2 iMacs, 2 MacBook Air, 2 iPad & 2 iPhones). We travel a lot. Our goal was to have all of our equipment synchronised while keeping two separate profiles and have access to all our documents. Despite various attempts to do it ourselves we were unable to manage the growing complexity of our equipment / set-up. We knew Tim because he originally took care of our AV integration which included extending our Wi-Fi via Powerline. We were impressed by his knowledge, especially also around Apple products, and his passion for the work and asked him to help us sorting out our various IT issues. Since he stepped in everything has been functioning very well and smoothly. He checks our system on a regular basis and is at our disposal for any questions (big or small), that we may have. As one of us now works from home and needs to rely on a functioning IT environment, it is immensely helpful to know that Tim is only one call or email away!”
M & J. Ritter, Private Clients

“Tim has an excellent knowledge of his subject and this comes through with passion and clarity due to his excellent communication skills.”
P. Ripley, Ripley Systems

“I first came across Tim approximately four years ago through a strong recommendation from the company setting up my Audio & Video requirements as he had ‘expert knowledge on everything’! He did, and he was outstanding helping me and recommending the right equipment to run a wireless and wired network throughout our large, six bedroomed house (with big thick old walls) and ensuring both my wife and I could also work from home without interruption. I have just recently called him back as the kids have grown older and with some rough reckoning on devices we now have upwards of 25 devices ranging from Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone, Android, TV’s and Sonos, all demanding wireless and faultless connections. In effect we have needs as demanding as any small business!

Tim has excelled in identifying our needs, setting up systems, advising on back up procedures, not to mention his knowledge of all things Apple which is so helpful. We also had to turn on one of the kids Window’s laptops and again he knew what he was doing. To cap it all off, he got involved with the CCTV system I was experiencing problems with and in no time at all resolved those issues too! What can’t he do! He also remains contactable via email or phone for those ‘little bits’ you forgot to ask or sort.

I can’t thank Tim enough or recommend him highly enough and would have no hesitation in saying if you have any network, Mac, Window’s or CCTV problems get him involved and save yourself hours, days and weeks of frustration.”
D. Birch, Private Client

“I decided to do away with my fleet of PCs, they were ridden with unreliable software that needed a Apple Mac Consultant guru to keep them in check. I realised that I was spending more time studying how to use the software than I was doing useful work. The final straw came when I found out that the hardware was up to similar activities. The virus checker was doing far more work and draining far more resources than I was using for work. I had known about Tim from friends at Audio Venue in Maidenhead and they had recommended him highly to me. So I bought a Mac under Tim’s guidance. It was an immediate success. The transition was painless. Compared to the hourly hassle of the PC this was bliss. Several years on I haven’t looked back until now when I realise that the Mac is a tool not a hobby, not a frustrating slog nor a pig to live with. It is a computer and there are always occasional snags and pitfalls to work with but the Apple experience has been transformational. When I do get issues I don’t understand, Tim is on the iChat or the phone to help me out. He even logs on and does stuff in front of my very eyes whilst chattering to me about what he’s up to on Skype! Tim’s the sort of bloke you need every now and then to fix the stuff you just can’t see a way to fixing. He sort of leans into your problem with you so you in turn can lean on his shoulder a bit. And hey presto, all of a sudden, you’re done. He’s also eminently capable of complex techi stuff involving remote cameras and complex networking of computers. I now have surveillance and streaming sound to my audio system. The network is simply invisible. It just works. He came highly recommended from friends and I couldn’t recommend anyone more highly to help you with an Apple. Unlike a PC you won’t wish for a new Apple a day either.”
D. Palmer, Driving Developments

“Tim is a true expert on the Apple Macintosh, reflecting the 20+ years he’s spent using, servicing and supporting Macs. With technology moving and changing at an ever increasing pace, it is even more unusual to work with someone who has the breadth and range of knowledge Tim provides. In addition to his Mac expertise, he has added networking, storage and device knowledge, including iPads and iPhones. If you have a need for IT consultancy, use him!”
R. Choudhuri, Private Client

“Tim has been providing and servicing our IT (Mac) requirements since 1988! We have bought hardware and software through him and he has been our sole advisor during the entire existence of Redbus. His advice has saved us money and he has solved problems for us when no one else could. If you want to know how to use or install a Mac, contact Tim. As far as we are concerned, he’s the only man for the job.
S. West, Redbus

“I first encountered Tim Stollery when he looked after the Apple Macs at the record company where I was working. Since leaving the label I continued to use Tim’s services for the computers in my new ventures. Always useful & always able to identify the exact product that I needed & then able to school me (with great patience) in the skills I needed to keep the Macs running well. This enabled him to concentrate more on solutions that improved the working & efficiency of the machines rather than him having to spend his time trouble-shooting. This meant I definitely got the best value from his exceptional expertise. I would recommend Tim in the highest terms. I feel lucky to have him!!”
S. de Winter, Music Consultant

“Working at Softline, we were a small team but with high demands of our technology. Tim was recommended to us and quickly solved a range of key technical issues we had across the office. His breadth and depth of experience and knowledge is only topped by his professionalism. He is a extremely friendly and personable person who quickly endeared himself across the whole team and through these skills really understood what was needed. He helped solve problems and recommend solutions always with a view to our budget and scope of the project. I would say we typically got the Rolls Royce solution for the minimum of investment. Very happy to recommend Tim!”
D. Dredge, Apple Industry

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