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A colleague and close friend recently asked me bunch of questions about what do I actually do?
“I help other people to become successful by getting them to understand and resolve their problems with Apple technology, so they can get the most from their investment.”

So what’s important about that then?
“For a start I’m completely sold on the Apple product range and can’t get enough of it, it’s so well integrated and far ahead of the opposition I can’t believe they will ever catch up. I love helping people and it gets my juices flowing when I can use my people skills in combination with over twenty years in the business of technology, and do a great job. I am a true Apple Mac Consultant!”

So how do you do that?
“Generally, I make proper contact with my clients to find out what they actually want to do. I break down the problem into logical steps and simplify their frustration into workable chunks. This often results in a solution in itself but alternative ideas evolve which invariably turn the problem around and make the customer smile. They often recommend me to their friends and colleagues.”

So how would you describe yourself?
“I’m a frustration buster who lives to work with people and Apple related technology that’s efficient and productive.”

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